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Next Stop, Triumph

The resources in this article are for informational purposes only; individuals should consult with a licensed health care provider before taking action.

People who are experiencing domestic violence and members of their support system can use this list to find information about seeking professional help, finding housing, legal assistance, and free or low-cost resources.  

After You Leave

Attempt to change the locks and phone numbers. Take different routes to work. Keep and share protective orders with everyone who needs to know (employer, schools, baby sitters, etc).

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Take Your Time

Change does not come without its challenges. Understand that some days will be harder than others and remain patient with yourself & the abundance of emotions you're destined to experience.

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Change of Scenery

Choose new places to frequent, whether it be to have a night out on the town or just doing your normal grocery shopping. Choose new places outside of your norm to create distance from your previous abuser.

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Prepare Your Children

In the event of approved unsupervised visits, educate your children on what to be aware of & when to seek help. Encourage them to attentive.


Set Goals

Setting new goals for yourself apart from your abuser is important. Take steps to acquire your individuality and to stay strong throughout your journey. Believe in yourself and never giver up.

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Its a new day! A different world than the one that brought you discomfort and trauma. Inhale the fresh air and exhale to a new start! Talk walks, smile and when and if you're ready, find ways to share your story. There are more waiting to find their Triumph.

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Services Available After Trauma

Welcome to Triumph! 

Below are important resources to help you along the way!

Trauma Recovery

Counselor or Social Workers

Housing & Shelter

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