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Promote Awareness! Get Involved In Change! Celebrate Survivors and Remember Those Who Has Fallen.

Our events are meant to involve communities and families in efforts to show the world a United Stance against Domestic Violence.

Our First Annual Coat Drive Was a Success!

Serving over 60 families within our communities in Pensacola Florida. Hot meals, resources and much needed winter accessories such as coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

Events That Promote Change

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
Domestic Violence Awareness

October is
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

There are several ways that you can contribute the change the world is ready to see. Whether you personally have been a victim of domestic violence, or someone you know, its more likely than not that you have not been effected by it in some form or fashion. 

Join the Purple Ribbon Campaign!

Wear a purple ribbon in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness! Join our October events and receive your own purple ribbon.

Participate in the Clothesline Project!

Those who have been affected by domestic violence has the chance to decorate t-shirts and hang them on clotheslines for the public to see. This gives people a glimpse of what happens behind closed doors and shows other survivors that they are not alone. The color of the t-shirts usually represents a type of experienced violence.

Leave an Empty Place at the Table!

This is a personal memorial to commemorate those who lost their lives because of domestic violence. 

Share Your Story!

If you are have been affected by domestic violence, sharing your story can inspire someone else who is going through something similar to get the help they need finally. Sharing your story can also help people who have not experienced domestic violence firsthand realize how important it is to rally for change and connect with the cause more. Share Your Story Here.


All donations are welcome. Whether it be in the form of food, shelter assistance, monetary or for sponsorship, every donation received goes directly to providing help and resources to victims and their families. 



Working With the Best

Become a Sponsor and be a part of the change! Joining forces with Transitioning Thru Trauma to Triumph will allow you to show your customers that you are taking a stand to support the safety and support of a harsh reality that effects more than 10 million people every year.

Promote your brand and join our events as special guests. Take part of Triumph with the families that are seeking it.

To become a sponsor, Donations begin at $200.                      to become a sponsor.

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