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As a survivor of a former domestic violence relationship, who has since achieved many great successes in life, Founder Tara Lewis formed the non for profit in hopes of empowering others who’ve suffered at the hands of an abuser to know that there is a such thing as a “happy ending” in life. This
organization helps abuse victims in their journey to healing and leading an abuse -free & prosperous life.

"I've been doing this work in the background for a long time now. So many ladies message me about being in situations similar to what I've come from and I know people near and dear to me that are also effected by it. I see many testimonials from men and women alike, speaking out on the traumas of Domestic Violence.

Although my plight is to help victims effected by abuse at the hands of their loved one, I want those who are seeking change and would like someone to discuss their trails with to be able to find their needed resources as well. I've been through it in my past so I know how it can effect families, but I am also a walking testimony of how you can

Transition Thru Trauma to Triumph".

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