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Tara Lewis  Brand Guide.png

Empowering Women & Men.
Eradicating Violence.
Together We Triumph.

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We are a non-profit organization committed to offering assistance for families looking to triumphantly re-enter the world as a single-family home after leaving or surviving a domestic violence relationship.

OUR VisiOn

We are dedicated to fostering a world where every woman can break free from the cycle of domestic violence and reclaim her life with confidence and strength. Our mission is to empower women by providing education, counseling, advocacy, and financial support. We will help survivors find security, safety, and empowerment before, during, and after traumatic transitions.

Mother's Day Retreat
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Mother's Day Serenity Retreat

Our Mother's Day Serenity Retreat, hosted by Transitioning Thru Trauma To Triumph, was a heartwarming success! We honored 10 amazing moms who've lost a child and faced domestic violence with a day of gifts and surprises: canvas painting, a chef-prepared lunch, a dozen roses, mental health sessions, and custom self-care baskets. Connecting with fellow moms in similar trials, they found strength and solace. Thanks to our generous donors and volunteers, this inspiring day was truly one to remember and cherish!




What is domestic violence?



Cultivate community & join us in person


Are you a survivor? See our resources.


Be a part of the change you’d like to see. We have many ways to support, via donations ie; time, money, material resources, event spaces, office spaces, publications etc.

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As a survivor of a former domestic violence relationship, who has since achieved many great successes in life, Founder Tara Lewis formed the non-profit in hopes of empowering others who’ve suffered at the hands of an abuser to know that there is a such thing as a “happy ending” in life. This organization helps abuse victims in their journey to healing and leading an abuse-free and prosperous life.

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